Giuliana Rancic Thinks Kelly Osbourne's Comments Are 'Pathetic,' Says Source

Giuliana Rancic is fed up with her former Fashion Police co-host, Kelly Osbourne, says a source close to Rancic.

Kelly Osbourne Blasts 'Liar' Giuliana Rancic: 'I Don't Think She's a Good Person'

Kelly Osbourne is not holding back about her feelings toward former Fashion Police co-host Giuliana Rancic.

Whoopi Goldberg Defends Kelly Osbourne's Comment on Latinos: 'If You've Ever Met a Racist, It's Pretty Clear'

Two more celebrities have rallied around Kelly Osbourne after she apologized for making a disparaging remark about the Latino community.

Sherri Shepherd Backtracks After Blasting Kelly Osbourne's Gaffe About Latinos: 'Sometimes We Say Dumb Stuff and Regret It'

After criticizing Kelly Osbourne’s comment about Latinos on The View as racist, former co-host Sherri Shepherd decided to cut her “a little slack.”

On Tuesday’s episode of the ABC talk show, Osbourne, 30, derided presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s stance on immigration

Kelly Osbourne Apologizes for Racist Comment About Latino Community During Donald Trump Discussion on The View

Kelly Osbourne has apologized after making a racist comment about the Latino community on The View on Tuesday, admitting she “whole-hearted[ly] f—ed up.”

Kelly Osbourne on Melissa Rivers Joining Fashion Police: 'This Is What Should Have Happened from Day One'

Melissa Rivers is stepping into her mother’s shoes on Fashion Police – and Kelly Osbourne couldn’t be happier!

“This is what should have happened from day one,” Osbourne, 30, told PEOPLE at Logo TV’s Trailblazer Honors in New York City on Thursday. “Melissa always should have been there.”

Kelly Osbourne Parodies Rachel Dolezal in Controversial Instagram Pic

The first of the questionable if inevitable Rachel Dolezal Halloween costumes has come up – and, shockingly, it’s Kelly Osbourne blazing the trail.

The TV personality took to Instagram on Thursday, where she posted a photo of herself dressed as Rachel Dolezal.

Kelly Osbourne Bitten By a Poisonous Spider – Again!

Kelly Osbourne’s spidey sense must be tingling a little extra today.

Osbourne shared news on Instagram Monday night that she was bitten by a venomous arachnid on her neck, writing, “I got bit on my neck by a poisonous spider again!!!!”

Sharon Osbourne on the Kardashian Family: They Brilliantly Manipulate Their Lives

5 Aww-dorable Photos of Kelly Osbourne's New Puppy

She may be pocket-sized, but Kelly Osbourne’s new dog is a giant-sized load of responsibility – and the TV personality is working overtime.

Not that she’s complaining. Judging by the adorable photos on her Instagram feed, her love for Nancy the miniature Pomeranian is immense – so great that she can’t resist taking the pup everywhere (and in all honesty, if we had a dog this cute neither could we).