Ken Jeong: I Was an 'Intense' Doctor Before I Became an Actor

He’s made a name for himself as a zany comedic actor in The Hangover and on Community, but once upon a time, Ken Jeong was a practicing physician.

“I was very happy,” as a general practictioner, Jeong told critics at ABC’s summer press tour. “My wife still works part time at the HMO. All my best friends are doctors. The last six years of my life have been an amazing bonus.”

Ken Jeong: I Want to Do a Community Movie

Six seasons and a movie? That’s an affirmative for Community if Ken Jeong has a say.

Joan Rivers, Jillian Michaels and More Celebs Sing for Sunday Night Football?

Does the return of Sunday Night Football make you want to sing? You’re not alone.

To kick off the season – starting Sunday Sept. 8 – NBC held open auditions for the theme song job that ultimately went to Carrie Underwood.

Bradley Cooper vs. Ryan Reynolds: Ken Jeong Compares His Sexiest Costars

Is Six Degrees of Ken Jeong about to take off as the new Hollywood parlor game?

The Hangover’s breakout star has worked with his share of PEOPLE’s Sexiest Men Alive – paging Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper – and the actor says he’s not far from becoming his own version of the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, in which players attempt to link Bacon to every other actor on planet earth.

Ken Jeong Got Wife's Okay Before Getting Naked in The Hangover Movies

Ken Jeong donned his birthday suit in The Hangover and he does it again in The Hangover Part II. But before he displayed his body, he asked for approval from one person – his wife.

“I got her permission. I’m not stupid,” the actor, who plays flamboyant, foul-mouthed gangster Leslie Chow, told PEOPLE at the film’s Los Angeles premiere this week. “I ran it by her before I ran it by [director] Todd Phillips.”

Hangover Star Celebrates Wife with Tears of Joy at MTV Movie Awards

Ken Jeong, who famously played the naked crime lord in The Hangover, was a scene-stealer again Sunday at the MTV Movie Awards, honoring his wife’s battle against breast cancer with a moving tribute and tears onstage and backstage.