The Usual Suspects, 20 Years Later: Everything You Never Knew

Rosebud was a sled. Norman Bates was his mother. And two decades ago this week, The Usual Suspects delivered another of the most memorable final-act plot twists in the history of movies.

It’s basically impossible to discuss the legacy of The Usual Suspects without explaining its surprise ending in depth, so let this be your spoiler warning: The following article will disclose the identity of Keyser Söze – or at least who we’re pretty sure he is.

Kevin Spacey and Eddie Redmayne Receive Huge Honors from the Queen

Actor and theater boss Kevin Spacey, 55, received an honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth, it was announced Saturday.

But don’t go calling him Sir Kevin just yet!

The special award, which is reserved for non-Britons, means he has the recognition but can’t use the title “Sir.”

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Kevin Spacey's Dog Boston Gives Super Strong Hugs When Needed

Boston is fur-ever in Kevin Spacey’s heart, and his dog is a constant reminder.

Winner of the $1 Million Global Teacher Prize Donates All to Education

Nancie Atwell was never particularly fond of teachers growing up. It wasn’t until she took over a class herself that she realized her fate.

Now, 42 years later, the English teacher from Maine has received the ultimate recognition for all her hard work in education by winning the $1 million Global Teacher Prize.

Fantasy-Casting the Pretty Woman Musical: Emmy Rossum Takes Over for Julia Roberts

This has been a big week for Pretty Woman fans – so, basically everyone. The street-walking romantic comedy turned 25 on Monday, and the cast celebrated the milestone by reuniting on Today and sharing secrets from the set.

House of Cards Was Renewed for Season 4: Here Are 5 Things We Want to See

Hardcore House of Cards fans who spent the last weekend of February bingeing on all 13 episodes were immediately hungry for the next chapter in Netflix’s drama.

Luckily, as the streaming service announced Thursday, season 4 will air sometime in 2016.

Sesame Street Brilliantly Spoofs House of Cards (VIDEO)

With four days until House of Cards’ third season premiere, fans started the week with a couple of treats to hold them over until Friday.

Kevin Spacey Wins SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series

House of Cards star Kevin Spacey won the award for outstanding performance by a male actor in a drama series at the SAG Awards Sunday, beating out some serious competition in the category.

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