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Veronica Mars Creator Says Show Could Return as Limited Series

Fellow Veronica Mars fans, we may yet return to the sordid city of Neptune one day.

Kristen Bell Live-Tweets Hilariously Awkward Uber Ride: 'It Was Full of Surprises'

Uber horror stories get passed around like urban legends these days, so thankfully, Kristen Bell’s was pretty innocuous.

It just happened to involve a Bon Jovi sing-along, and a man wearing a bulletproof vest.

Dax Shepard: How My Past Has Shaped My Outlook on Parenting

“I have friends who are worried that [their child is] straying off over here … You don’t know what they’re going to turn out to be,” he says

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Idina Menzel & Kristen Bell Sing a New Song from Frozen Fever – Listen Now!

If you haven’t caught Frozen Fever yet, this new song will do the trick.

Disney has released “Making Today a Perfect Day,” a new song featured in the seven-minute digital short playing in theaters ahead of Cinderella, which comes out Friday.

It's Official: The Frozen Sequel Is Happening!

In the least surprising, yet most welcome, news of the day, Disney announced Thursday that they are making a Frozen sequel.

Aw, Snowbabies! Check Out the Poster for the New Frozen Fever Short

Don’t cool off from Frozen just yet – the frostbitten friends are returning Friday for a big celebration in the new short, Frozen Fever.