Hey, Isn't That–? Why Yes, That's Macaulay Culkin on The Jim Gaffigan Show

Macaulay Culkin Posts Weekend at Bernie's Photo After Death Hoax

Macaulay Culkin is alive and well – and quite active on social media.

After online buzz swirled Saturday following a hoax that had millions convinced the actor had died, Culkin took to his band’s Instagram page to lay the rumors to rest.

Uncle Buck Turns 25: See Where the Comedy's Wacky Relatives Are Now

On Aug. 16, one of cinema’s best babysitting adventures, Uncle Buck, will celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Macaulay Culkin's Pizza-Themed Velvet Underground Cover Band Booed Offstage in U.K.

It was considerably less than a perfect day for Macaulay Culkin’s pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band, the Pizza Underground, when they took the stage over the weekend at the U.K.’s Dot to Dot Festival.

Party Monster Killer Michael Alig Released from Prison After 17 Years

Infamous club kid Michael Alig is a free man. The 48-year-old spent the past 17 years in prison for killing his roommate Andre “Angel” Melendez. In 2007, the former New York City party promoter was granted parole, but was denied his conditional release until May 5, 2014, reports USA Today.

The First Video from Macaulay Culkin's Pizza-Themed Velvet Underground Cover Band Is Here

Order up a pie and crank up the volume, because The Pizza Underground has released its first music video.

Macaulay Culkin Has a Band That Does Velvet Underground Covers ... About Pizza

Yes, you read that correctly. Macaulay Culkin, unencumbered by the daily drudgeries of the working class, has decided to devote his considerable free time and resources to forming a band that recreates the druggy, grittily avant-garde songs of the Velvet Underground … with references about pizza.

Macaulay Culkin Steps Out with Jordan Lane Price (a Mila Kunis Look-Alike!)

When it comes to romantic getaways, it’s hard to beat the City of Light. And it looks like Macaulay Culkin has found a Paris match with Jordan Lane Price.

The actors spent Thanksgiving at the Center Pompidou in Paris, looking at the museum’s modern art collection and dining at Chez Georges, a restaurant boasting panoramic views from the building’s top floor.

Culkin, 33, was spotted kissing his new love interest and dancing with her in the street.

Home Alone, Your Favorite Christmas Movie, Finally Gets an Honest Trailer

Forget the turkey and the tree for a minute and revel in the fact that Home Alone season is upon us.

Macaulay Culkin Goes to the Fair ... in Paris

Sunglasses at night?

Macaulay Culkin showed off a playful (and colorful) look when he visited the opening night of the 50th Foire du Trone at Pelouse De Reuilly in Paris on Friday.

Wearing red sunglasses and a paisley patterned shirt with his long hair tied back, the 32-year-old actor couldn’t hide his smile as he enjoyed the fair – which generally features over 350 attractions spanning across 25 acres.