Revenge's Madeleine Stowe Says Goodbye to Victoria Grayson

With fans still reeling from the blood spilled during the Revenge series finale on Sunday, actress Madeleine Stowe, 56, shares with PEOPLE her thoughts on playing the deliciously devious Victoria Grayson for the last time:

Madeleine Stowe Reflects on Losing Her Father to Multiple Sclerosis

Revenge star Madeleine Stowe says she was just 5 years old when her family was rocked by her father’s multiple sclerosis diagnosis.

“I remember he deteriorated very rapidly,” the actress, 56, tells PEOPLE of her father, Robert. “By the time I was 6, he was on crutches. By the time I was 7, he was in a wheelchair.”

Revenge's Shocking Twist Explained

Revenge’s showrunner Sunil Nayar wants to take a moment to explain the shocking twist in Sunday night’s season three finale. No, not that one Not that one either. The other one.

Caution, spoilers ahead!

Madeleine Stowe's Victoria Grayson Wearing Vera Wang for Her Wedding

Watching Revenge but not quite caught up on the latest episode? Warning: Don’t read any further. Spoilers ahead!

What’s the best way to get revenge on your ex-wife? Blackmail her into marrying you again.

Emmy Nominations: PEOPLE TV Critic's Take

If you ask why I am crying, it’s because Madeleine Stowe, star of ABC’s Revenge, is not among the Emmy nominees. In fact, I am crying just as she would: My eyes are ringed with big, ready-to-drop tears of wrath and sorrow.

Otherwise, the latest batch of nominees is pretty satisfying.

Jennifer Jason Leigh Will Play Emily Thorne's Mom on Revenge

Emmy snub aside, there’s exciting news for fans of ABC’s Revenge: Jennifer Jason Leigh is joining the cast for the show’s sophomore season.

Leigh, 50, who shot to fame in 1982’s Fast Times at Ridgemont High, landed the recurring role of Emily Thorne’s mother on the Hamptons-set melodrama, reports.

Revenge Star Christa Allen: Get Ready for 'Explosive Scenes'

Fans are not the only ones eager to find out what happens on Revenge – the stars of the juicy drama get just as excited.

“So much can happen in an episode. At this point I’ve resorted to flipping to the very last scene the minute I get the script to see where [my character Charlotte Grayson] is going to end up,” actress Christa Allen told PEOPLE recently while on break from filming.

Revenge's Emily VanCamp Explains What She's Looking for in a Man

She may be headed for the altar on her hit show Revenge, but Emily VanCamp, who plays Emily Thorne (and swears she is nothing like her character), is still looking for “the one” in real life.

Most recently connected to Vampire Diaries star Joseph Morgan, VanCamp tells Canada’s Flare magazine distance is to blame for their breakup.

Madeleine Stowe Finds Faith Moving Dead Bodies in Haiti

We’re nearing the end of our trip and we head for Fr. Rick’s and the St. Luke team’s weekly visit to the General Hospital morgue.

We pull up and Fr. Rick, beside me, bows his head and clenches his eyes tightly in anticipation for a job he will never be used to. We’re about to pull out as many bodies from the morgue’s lockers as we can possibly carry in three trucks.

Revenge's Madeleine Stowe Blogs from Haiti

After the 20 minute drive from the airport, we drop off our bags at Fr. Rick’s permanent home. He sleeps in a small, spare room on the 41-acre compound where the finest pediatric hospital in Haiti stands along with the Academy for Peace and Justice (the country’s first free high school), and other extensive health, trade and educational programs.