Go Behind the Scenes at American Idol

American Idol has been on the air for 13 seasons, but somehow there are still plenty of behind-the-scenes tidbits you can’t see from home.

“There is a lot of stuff that I did not know,” contestant Dexter Roberts tells PEOPLE.

So what are these unearthed gems? Here are five secrets about the FOX reality show.

PEOPLE Takes You Inside the American Idol Contestants' Lounge

American Idol’s Top 13 are just as excited to watch the show as couch potatoes as the viewers are at home. It’s just a different couch.

“You get to watch a free concert right in front of you and also feel a part of the TV show. It’s fun,” contestant C.J. Harris, 23, tells PEOPLE of spending the performance shows watching from the blue couches in the stageside contestants’ lounge.