Project UROK Launches to Support Struggling Teens for Mental Health Awareness Week

One in four teens struggles with mental health issues. Project UROK, the “It Gets Better” for teen mental health, is here to help.

Launching as a lead-up to Mental Health Awareness Week (May 11-17), the site hosts first-person video accounts of OCD, depression, anxiety and suicidal feelings from young adults who’ve learned to live (and even thrive) with their conditions. Founded by CollegeHumor’s Jenny Jaffe, the project battles the stigma surrounding mental illnesses with humor and honesty.

Mrs. Doubtfire Costar Mara Wilson on Robin Williams: 'I Wish I Had Reached Out More'

“Being a worst case scenario kind of person, I’ve worried so many times about losing so many people I care about, but I never could imagine losing Robin.”

That’s how former child actor Mara Wilson recalled the late Robin Williams in a post on her personal blog, in which she said she regrets not having kept in better contact with him.

Strap on the Foam Suit: A Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel Is in the Works

Mara Wilson Lists Reasons Why Former Child Stars 'Go Crazy'

Despite the history of former child stars having trouble transitioning into adulthood – as evidenced by Britney Spears’s public meltdown in 2008, Lindsay Lohan’s ongoing troubles, and, most recently, the upheavals taking place in the life of Amanda Bynes – former child star Mara Wilson said she “had a generally good experience” standing