Sarah Jessica Parker Dreamed She Had a Romantic Date with David Letterman

The feelings are starting to surface as David Letterman counts down the days until his final show, and on Monday night Late Show guest Sarah Jessica Parker recounted a romantic dream she had about the lanky host.

Sarah Jessica Parker Celebrates Matthew Broderick's Birthday in Tropical Paradise (PHOTOS)

City girls need sunshine too!

Sarah Jessica Parker recently left her beloved and blustery Big Apple to set out on a tropical vacation.

The Sex and the City star departed a week ago and has been keeping fans updated on her trip via Instagram.

Parker started her vacation chronicle with a shot of some “Parker-Broderick feet” preparing for take off, with the smaller set belong to one her daughters.

Celebrities Pay Tribute to Oscar de La Renta at Manhattan Funeral

20 Reasons Why The Lion King Still Rules 20 Years Later

Hey, here’s something that will make you feel old! The Lion King is turning 20 on Sunday.

Saturday Night Live Scandals: Leslie Jones's Slavery Skit and 5 More Controversial Moments

“I mean, look at me – I’m a mandingo!”

That seemed to be the tipping point in an appearance on Saturday Night Live’s most recent “Weekend Update” by Leslie Jones, a new writer on the show.

Mr. Rogers Headed for the Big Screen: Who Could Play Him?

It won’t be an easy sweater to fill.

“There’s only one person in this whole world like you,” Fred Rogers liked to say on his long-running children’s TV show. But now the difficult task begins of finding someone just like Mr. Rogers – or who can at least capture his essence – for an upcoming biopic.

Matthew Broderick Calls Ferris Bueller-Themed Ad 'Amusing'

Honda’s Ferris Bueller’s Day Off-inspired Super Bowl ad was an Internet sensation – but the commercial’s star Matthew Broderick didn’t initially jump at the chance to reinvent his classic ’80s film.

“It took a little, uh, thinking about it,” Broderick, 49, told New York’s Vulture blog. “It took a little time.”

But eventually, the actor said he “ended up thinking it might be amusing.”

Sarah Jessica Parker's Romantic Dinner with Her Husband

Sarah Jessica Parker, sharing a romantic dinner with hubby Matthew Broderick at Indochine in New York. The two cozied up in a front booth, where an onlooker says they were “just hanging out talking to each other.” Though Parker was dressed down in a black-and-white print T-shirt and black pants, all eyes were on the fashionista as she and her hubby sipped white wine.

Police Chief Convicted in Sarah Jessica Parker Surrogate Theft

An Ohio police chief accused of stealing items from the surrogate mom who carried Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s twin daughters was found guilty Monday on three of six charges.

Sarah Jessica Parker-Matthew Broderick Burglary Trial Begins

This week sees the start of the criminal trial of one of two Ohio police chiefs accused of breaking into the home of the surrogate mother for Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s twins and trying to sell her personal belongings to a freelance photographer.