Michael J. Fox Talks Back to the Future at 30th Anniversary Event: It Kept Me From Leaving Acting

Here’s something you didn’t see in Back to the Future: all the times Michael J. Fox was whacked by the DeLorean, the iconic gull-winged car that drove his character Marty McFly through time and space.

Back to the Future: How Michael J. Fox Became Marty McFly

Thirty years ago, Back to the Future debuted and made Michael J. Fox a major movie star, but an alternate timeline where the film starred an entirely different actor – and the movie would likely not have become an instant classic – nearly existed.

Back to the Future's Claudia Wells: 'It's Like No Years Have Gone By'

Marty McFly’s girlfriend Jennifer Parker has been the dream girl of many a Back to the Future fan for 30 years. But for Claudia Wells, the actress who originally played her, the journey through the decades has been filled with a fair share of twists.

What Back to the Future Part II Got Right About the Future

Back to the Future Part II’s vision of 2015 made a lot of bold predictions about the way the world would be.

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Great Scott! Back to the Future Stars Reminisce at Mini-Reunion 30 Years Later

We’re still waiting on our flying cars in 2015, but as Back to the Future celebrated its 30th anniversary with a combination reunion, screening and concert at the Hollywood Bowl on Tuesday, it’s clear audiences are still feeling the “Power of Love” for the iconic film three decades later.

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9 Painfully Awkward Celebrity Super Bowl Ads

“Well, I can just watch the commercials.” For decades, that’s been the Super Bowl Sunday motto of many who care more about pop culture than they do football.

And why not? These $4 million ad spots are spectacles by design – short subject mini-films designed to dazzle you with celebrities, flash and, often, very odd subject matter.

See What Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan Are Cooking Up for the Holidays

In Tracy Pollan’s life, food runs in the family.

“We’re all used to working together, so we have a natural flow of what happens,” says the actress, 54, who collaborates with her mom, Corky, 85, and sisters Lori, 58, and Dana, 51, every holiday to cook up a family feast.


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