Dean Cain Is 'Unapologetic' for Defending 'Hero' Sniper Chris Kyle

Michael Moore Clarifies His Controversial Sniper Tweets and Praises Bradley Cooper

Michael Moore caused a stir on Sunday when he Tweeted his negative opinion of snipers, seemingly in response to the release of American Sniper.

Michael Moore Calls Snipers 'Cowards' Following American Sniper's Success

American Sniper may have been a broken box-office records over the weekend, but there is one man who is not impressed with the new film.

On Sunday, filmmaker Michael Moore condemned snipers in a series of Tweets.

Michael Moore Divorcing Producer Wife Kathleen Glynn

Director Michael Moore and his wife of 21 years are divorcing.

Moore, 59, filed a divorce petition against wife Kathleen Glynn, 55, in an Antrim County, Mich., court on June 21, noting that there was “no reasonable likelihood that the marriage can be preserved,” Michigan’s reported Friday.

Michael Moore Rips CNN's Wolf Blitzer

In a combative interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer yesterday, Michael Moore lambasted the Situation Room host – and the mainstream media in general – for misrepresenting his healthcare documentary, Sicko, and for failing to heed the warnings of Fahrenheit 9/11, his 2004 film about the buildup to the Iraq war.

May Is Donald Trump Month on TV

SLATED: TV viewers will have their fill of Donald Trump come May sweeps. May 19 will bring the one-hour finale of the third season of The Apprentice on NBC – while rival ABC has scheduled the mogul’s very unofficial bio, Trump Unauthorized, for May 24. Meanwhile, CBS’s May 25 movie about Martha Stewart, Martha: Behind Bars, starring Cybill Shepherd, is being bumped until fall, reportedly to tie in with the launch of the domestic diva’s new syndicated lifestyle show and Apprentice spinoff.

Fahrenheit, Passion the People's Choice

As awards season kicks into high gear, Sunday night brought the People’s Choice Awards, with the controversial Fahrenheit 9/11 from Michael Moore and The Passion of the Christ from Mel Gibson taking top honors in the film division – as favorite movie and favorite movie drama, respectively.

Accepting his award for his Bush-bashing documentary, Moore told the audience: “We live in a great country, and we all love our country very much.”

Michael Moore Voted 'Coldest' Celeb

AWARDED: It was a cold day for filmmaker Michael Moore – and some 50 other celebs – who topped the list of “Film Threat’s Frigid 50: The Coldest People in Hollywood 2004,” the online film magazine announced. Moore was singled out for his ego, according to the magazine’s editors, while other stars on the list included Halle Berry, Paris Hilton, Jimmy Fallon, Ben Affleck and Disney head Michael Eisner, Reuters reports.

Michael Moore Preps Fahrenheit 9/11-1/2

Barely a week after the election that resulted in President Bush’s staying in office, Michael Moore tells Variety that he and producer Harvey Weinstein plan to continue their documentary assault on the chief executive.

Their planned sequel to Moore’s runaway hit Fahrenheit 9/11 is to be called Fahrenheit 9/11-1/2, which Moore says he will begin shooting immediately and unveil in 2006 or ‘07.

Kobe's Accuser Must ID Herself in Lawsuit

RULED: The name of the Colorado woman who accused Kobe Bryant, 26, of sexual assault will be made public in the civil lawsuit she is pressing against him, federal Judge Richard Matsch decided Wednesday. In making the ruling, the jurist said that allowing the 20-year-old to remain anonymous could be misconstrued by a jury as a prejudgment in the case. Lawyers for the woman – who intends to follow through with the case – had asked Matsch to protect her identity, saying she has faced death threats. Prosecutors dropped felony charges against L.A.