Which Actor Should Play the New Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street Reboot?

As sure as the sun will set and teenagers will make bad decisions when being pursued by a maniac, another famous horror franchise is undergoing a reboot. Last week, it was revealed that New Line Cinema wants to start over with the Nightmare on Elm Street series.

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Miles Teller Saves Pregnant Woman from Rip Tide in Miami (PHOTO)

Miles Teller to the rescue!

The Divergent actor, 28, had a major lifeguard moment over the weekend when he helped pull a pregnant woman and her child out of the rough ocean on a Miami beach.

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The Fantastic Four Trailer Is Here – and It's Dark (VIDEO)

Nothing like a trailer for a superhero movie to brighten one’s day – even if the trailer in question is more than a little dour.

On Tuesday, 20th Century Fox released its first trailer for the highly anticipated Fantastic Four, a reboot of the movie franchise that was initially launched in 2005 to a less-than-stellar reception. (The 2007 sequel even less so.)

Meet the Guy Who Helped Miles Teller Fake Jazz Drumming in Whiplash

Miles Teller’s new film, Whiplash, focuses on a jazz drummer at a prestigious New York music conservatory hounded by a demanding bandleader.

A Guide to Divergent's 8 Post-Apocalyptic Hot Guys

Hold tight, Divergent fans, we’re almost there. The highly anticipated adaptation of Veronica Roth’s young adult book comes out on Friday. Until then, we have a bevy of beautiful guys to help you wait it out.

While trailers for the film focus on Shailene Woodley battling a menacing Kate Winslet, they’re missing all the gorgeous men the five factions have to offer.

Miles Teller Talks Superpowers, the Apocalypse and Playing Divergent's Tough Guy

Moviegoers have watched Miles Teller get rowdy in Footloose, lovey-dovey in The Spectacular Now and buddy-buddy with Zac Efron in That Awkward Moment. Now, the versatile actor is taking on his biggest project yet: Divergent.