Omarosa Calls Bethenny Frankel 'Mediocre' During Confrontational Appearance

When Omarosa Manigault appeared on her archrival Bethenny Frankel’s talk show on Wednesday, confrontation was expected – and viewers weren’t disappointed.

The pair – who’ve been feuding for more than three years since Frankel dismissed The Apprentice star as nothing more than a reality TV villain – didn’t hold back. In the segment, Manigault suggested that the reason why Frankel had been successful was because she was white.

Omarosa Manigault Dating Titus O'Neil

Michael Clarke Duncan's Funeral: Jay Leno, Tom Hanks Speak

Michael Clarke Duncan, the Oscar-nominated star of The Green Mile, was most commonly described as having a “big heart” during his memorial service at Forest Lawn in Los Angeles on Monday.

Bones and The Finder creator Hart Hanson spoke of fans asking for hugs, not autographs, from the 6-ft., 5-in., 300-lb. actor.

But Jay Leno was one of the first to get choked up while speaking of Duncan.

Michael Clarke Duncan 'Fought Really, Really Hard,' Friend Says

As Michael Clarke Duncan lay in the hospital after a heart attack, those closest to him found reason to cling to the belief that he would survive.

None more so than his fiancé, Omarosa Manigault, who kept vigil for more than a month.

Michael Clarke Duncan's Fiancée Omarosa Manigault Held Vigil by His Hospital Bed

Michael Clarke Duncan never quite recovered from his July 13 heart attack – but he had his fiancée, Omarosa Manigault, by his side the whole time.

The former Apprentice contestant spent the last 50 days keeping vigil at his hospital bedside, a source tells PEOPLE. “She was literally there every second,” the source says.

Adds the source: “She is a strong woman who is full of faith, but right now she is heartbroken.”

Michael Clarke Duncan, Star of The Green Mile, Dies at Age 54

Michael Clarke Duncan, the Oscar-nominated star of The Green Mile, died Monday in a Los Angeles hospital after two months of treatment for a heart attack. He was 54.

The imposing 6-ft., 5-in., 300-lb. actor with a warm smile and gentle demeanor “never fully recovered” from the July 13 heart attack, according to a statement issued on behalf of his fiancée, the Rev. Omarosa Manigault, the former star of The Apprentice.

Michael Clarke Duncan Out of Intensive Care, Still Hospitalized

Nearly a month after suffering a heart attack, Michael Clarke Duncan has just left intensive care but remains in the hospital.

“His family are firm believers in the power of prayer and have asked that you keep him in yours during this time,” his rep says in a statement.

The actor, 54, best known for playing John Coffey in the 1999 Tom Hanks hit The Green Mile, suffered the myocardial infarction on July 13.

Michael Clarke Duncan Recovering from a Heart Attack

Michael Clarke Duncan had a health scare on Friday morning.

The actor, 54, best known for playing John Coffey in the 1999 Tom Hanks hit The Green Mile, was rushed to the hospital for a heart attack, his spokesperson confirms to PEOPLE.

“According to doctors, Duncan suffered a myocardial infarction,” his rep says. “He is now stable and we look forward to his full recovery.”

Omarosa's Brother Murdered in Lover's Quarrel

The brother of Celebrity Apprentice star Omarosa Manigault was murdered in a lover’s quarrel last Sunday, police in Youngstown, Ohio, tell that town’s Vindicator newspaper.

Jack Manigault, 40, received several gunshots, including a fatal wound to the head, after his home was broken into by Marco Cardenas, 22, say police. Manigault was asleep at the time with a woman who was formerly the girlfriend of the alleged assailant. Two children were also in the house.

Omarosa Splits from Husband of Five Years

She may be outspoken and famously stubborn in order to get her way, but there’s one thing Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth admits to not succeeding at: her marriage.

The former Apprentice star – who was the contestant that viewers and the other players loved to hate – tells PEOPLE that she split with her husband of five years, Aaron Stallworth, at the beginning of the year but has kept it quiet.

“I wasn’t as supportive to him as I could have been,” says Manigault-Stallworth, 31. “He’s home on the ranch (in Texas) and I’m in L.A. working on several projects.”