Pope Francis Meets President Obama's Pups

The country's first dogs were some of the first to shake hands paws with Pope Francis on his historic visit to the United States.  

On Wednesday, the Pope met with President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama at the White House, and Portuguese water dogs Sunny and Bo were there to greet him. 

Pope Francis Tells Priests They May Pardon Women Who've Had an Abortion

Pope Francis is temporarily allowing Roman Catholic priests to absolve women who’ve had abortions, and those who’ve helped them, as long as they admit their wrongdoing and are truly sorry for what they’ve done.

Tears and Triumph as Pope Francis Asks Bullied Student to 'Be Courageous' While Singing For Him

On Monday Pope Francis spoke to a group of Americans in three different cities via satellite from Rome and asked one teenage girl to sing for him.

The cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church requested that the girl perform after she told him that she had been bullied for a rare skin condition and had found solace in music.

Pope Francis Praises Author of Children's Book That Includes Lesbian Rabbits and Gay Penguin Parents

An Italian book that explores different types of families – including same-sex couples – has caused quite a stir after the mayor of Venice banned it from schools. Now, Pope Francis has upped the ante by writing a letter praising the author for her work, The Guardian reports.

Philadelphia Inmates and Guards Work Together to Hand-Carve Chair for Pope Francis

Pope Francis will have a one-of-a-kind seat during his visit to a Philadelphia prison next month.

Over the past several weeks inmates, guards and staff in the city’s correctional system have been working together to hand-carve a chair, as a token of their appreciation for the religious leader, the Philly Voice reports.

The Pope's Nephew Says Francis Shelved Marriage and Med School, Never Wanted to Be Pope

Even Pope Francis’ mother had wanted her boy to be a doctor.

Pope Francis: Divorced Catholics Who Remarry Should Be Welcomed Back to the Church

In a true sign of the times, Pope Francis says Roman Catholics who’ve divorced and remarried deserve better treatment from the church (as do their children). He urged pastors not to treat these couples as if they were excommunicated, multiple sources report.

Pope Francis Tries Coca Leaves, the Main Ingredient in Cocaine, on Trip to Bolivia

Would he or wouldn’t he?

That was the question many were asking as Pope Francis headed to South America on a three-nation tour.

It turns out he did.

The pontiff, 78, tried coca leaf tea on a flight between Ecuador and Bolivia on Wednesday, CBS News reports.

Pope Francis Takes Over Twitter to Talk Climate Change – Read His Boldest Tweets

“Earth is essentially a shared inheritance, whose fruits are meant to benefit everyone. #LaudatoSi.”

On Thursday, Pope Francis posted over 60 Tweets on the topic of man-made climate change, urging people to take better care of the earth and work to reverse the destruction humans have wrought on animals, the environment and quality of life for the poor, who suffer the most from climate change’s effects.

These Tweets came the same day as he published a 180-page document, “Laudato Si,” urging citizens of the world to unite in taking action to stop the destruction.