The Blind Side's Quinton Aaron Kicked Off Plane for Filling Two Seats

Quinton Aaron, best known as football star “Big Mike” Oher in The Blind Side, is tackling his weight problems after being booted from a flight for being too big.

The 6’8” 550 lb. actor was recently kicked off a US Airways flight bound for Rochester, N.Y., for taking up an extra economy seat. And the experience, the actor, 29, says, served as a huge wake up call. He’s now vowing to lose the weight.

With no seats in first class – his typical mode of airline transportation – the actor took up two in economy on his connecting flight from Philadelphia.

A Kiss on the Cheek, and Quinton Aaron Falls for Angelina Jolie

The Blind Side’s Quinton Aaron may have had a crush on Sandra Bullock in the past, but it seems the actor is now head over heels for another famous actress.

“I met Angelina [Jolie] last night, and she kissed me right there,” Aaron, 25, gushed to PEOPLE, pointing to his left cheek, at the fifth annual Children Uniting Nations conference in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday night.

Sandra Bullock's Costar Has a Crush on Her

Sandra Bullock’s The Blind Side costar Quinton Aaron has an admission: He’s long had a crush on the Oscar-nominee. But after being cast opposite Bullock in the family and football drama and learning she was attached – as in married, to motorcycle builder Jesse James, since 2005 – he was happy to take their relationship in another direction.