Here's Who Facebook Thinks Should Win the Oscars

Do you have an Oscar pool going? No? You’re not a compulsive gambler like half of the PEOPLE staffers? That surprises us.

Well, if you’re not the betting type, please excuse this very important inside information we have from Facebook.

The monolithic site looked at mentions of the nominated actors, actresses and films over the two weeks preceding the ceremony and shared the data with PEOPLE. Below, here’s who Facebook’s 750 million-plus users think are going to win – or, failing that, who should win by popular vote – at the Oscars.

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Boyhood Wins the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture, Drama

The final award on Hollywood’s big night was handed to Boyhood, which won the Golden Globe for best motion picture, drama, on Sunday.

“To our great cast, our great family, thank you very much,” said director Richard Linklater, who accepted the prize on behalf of the film – and won best director for the film earlier in the show.

IFC Films president Jonathan Sehring, who funded the movie, also spoke and thanked Linklater for dedicating more than 12 years to the project.

Richard Linklater Wins the Golden Globe for Best Director, Motion Picture

Richard Linklater won the Golden Globe award for best director, motion picture, on Sunday night for Boyhood.

“This was a very personal film for me,” said Linklater, who filmed the movie over the course of 12 years. “I feel like we made that connection.”

The award was presented by Harrison Ford at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles.

Linklater was up against Ava DuVernay for Selma, Wes Anderson for The Grand Budapest Hotel, Alejandro Gonzãlez Iñérritu for Birdman and David Fincher for Gone Girl.

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