How We Know Rob Lowe And Gabrielle Union Will be Perfect as the New Simba and Nala in The Lion King Spin-Off

We lost our cool yesterday when Disney announced the cast for The Lion King’s TV movie spin-off.

The best part about the return to Pride Rock? Rob Lowe and Gabrielle Union are coming along!

Undercover Couple? John Stamos Jokes That He and Rob Lowe Have 'Dated for Years'

Rob Lowe Mouths the Words to Sound of Music Song Shirtless in Hilarious Twitter Video

The hills are alive with the sound of Rob Lowe singing and spinning shirtless in a Twitter video Saturday night.

Susan Sarandon and Rob Lowe Tweet About Ariana Grande Doughnut-Licking Controversy

Ariana Grande has come under fire after a video was released in which she can be seen licking doughnuts on display at a shop in Lake Elsinore, California. In the video, she is also heard shouting, “I hate Americans. I hate America.” Police are now investigating the incident.

Rob Lowe Thinks Parks and Recreation's Ann and Chris Are a 'Success Story'

Audiences didn’t see much of Rob Lowe in the last season of Parks and Recreation, but the town of Pawnee, Indiana – and its residents – is still on his mind.

The host of the upcoming National Geographic series, The 2000s: A New Reality, tells PEOPLE what he thinks the future holds for his Parks and Rec character, Chris Traeger, and his partner Ann Perkins: “I think they’re a couple that made it,” Lowe says. “They went through a lot to be together, and I think they’re a success story, for sure.”

The Brat Pack's Back in Town: The Cast of St. Elmo's Fire Then and Now

Stop rocking back and forth, close the window, and get ready to celebrate, because St. Elmo’s Fire is turning 30.

This ’80s tale of big hair and even bigger melodrama is three decades old on June 28. If that doesn’t make you feel old, Demi Moore’s style choices in the movie surely will.

Aside from teaching viewers about obscure weather phenomena, St. Elmo’s Fire was also “the.

13 Things You Didn't Know About St. Elmo's Fire, 30 Years Later

Booga booga booga!

For those who saw it in theaters, it offered a snapshot of a specific type of ’80s culture. For the generations who grew up with it on VHS, it became a favorite alongside the likes of The Breakfast Club. And this week (official U.S. release date June 28, 1985), St. Elmo’s Fire turns 30.

The Grinder's Fred Savage: Costar Rob Lowe Is 'Chiseled from Granite'

On The Grinder, TV lawyer Dean Sanderson Jr. (Rob Lowe) leaves his show to come home, and everyone is completely dazzled by his Hollywood charm.

So are the real Fox comedy’s cast and crew.

“He’s wonderful,” costar Mary Elizabeth Ellis, 36, told PEOPLE on Sunday at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas. “He’s super professional and fun and funny.”

Upfronts 2015: PEOPLE Editors Preview Their Most Anticipated Shows

Set your DVRs!

This week, the major TV networks announced their upcoming fall and midseason shows. Here are the top 15 choices PEOPLE’s own TV team is most excited to watch.

Rob Lowe Celebrates 25 Years of Sobriety, Promises Hope for 'Those Struggling with Addiction'

During his Brat Pack days, Rob Lowe was legendary for his womanizing, alcoholism and drug abuse, all of which he candidly explored in his 2011 autobiography, Stories I Only Tell My Friends.

However, on Sunday, Lowe, 50, celebrated an impressive 25 years of sobriety.