Jean Valjean & Javert's 'Mean BBQ'! Hugh Jackman Catches Up with Les Misérables Pal Russell Crowe

Jean Valjean and Javert meet again!

Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe – costars and onscreen nemeses in 2012’s Les Misérables – met up for some “mean” cuisine this week.

A Beautiful Mind Mathematician John Nash and His Wife Killed in Taxi Crash

John Nash, the Princeton mathematician who was the subject of Oscar-winning film A Beautiful Mind, was killed in a taxi accident in New Jersey, along with his wife, on Saturday, the Washington Post reported.

The Nashes were traveling on the New Jersey Turnpike to their home in Princeton Junction, according to the Post. Nash was 86, and his wife Alicia Nash was 82.

Russell Crowe Fondly Recalls Michael Jackson's 'Funny' Prank Calls

When Michael Jackson calls, you pick up the phone. At least that’s what the King of Pop hoped would happen when he would place frequent prank calls to Oscar winner Russell Crowe.

Russell Crowe Helps Jimmy Fallon Sing a Semi-Profane Earth Day Song (VIDEO)

Wednesday was Earth Day, and it was also a day that ended in “y,” which meant Jimmy Fallon was going to sing on The Tonight Show.

Russell Crowe: I Looked into Scientology

He’s not a Scientologist, but Russell Crowe says he did explore the much-publicized religion years ago – and sought some insight from a very famous friend.

Russell Crowe: Buying a Rugby Team 'Probably Cost Me a Marriage'

Russell Crowe admits that sports and marriage don’t always mix.

The actor said in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning that buying his Australian rugby team in 2006 probably put a big strain on his marriage to Danielle Spencer, 49.

Russell Crowe Claims Michael Jackson Gleefully Prank-Called Him – for Years

Move over, Bart Simpson. Russell Crowe says there’s a new king of the prank call – and he also happens to be the King of Pop.

In a new interview, the Oscar-winning actor, 50, claims Michael Jackson gleefully prank-called him – “for two or three f—ing years.”

Ryan Gosling Tries His Best Australian Accent While Videobombing Russell Crowe

Are you prepared to hear Ryan Gosling’s Australian accent?

The Gangster Squad actor, 34, made a surprise appearance during Thursday’s Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards (AACTA) when he videobombed Russell Crowe while the Kiwi actor was presenting an award via satellite.

Jessica Chastain Calls Out Russell Crowe for His Comments About Actresses Over 40

According to Jessica Chastain, Russell Crowe simply doesn’t get it.

The 37-year-old actress blasted the Australian actor for controversial comments he made last month when he declared that female actresses over 40 have just the same opportunities as men the same age or older.

See the Famous Men Who've Posted #HeForShe Selfies for Emma Watson

In her powerful speech about women’s rights to the United Nations this week, Emma Watson called on men everywhere to support the HeForShe campaign and help end gender inequality.

And now, some famous guys are doing just that – very publicly.