Cary Fukunaga's It Reboot Has Found Its Pennywise the Clown

True Detective director Cary Fukunaga’s It remake has been confirmed since December, but other than the fact that Stephen King gave the project his blessing (according to producer Dan Lin), we haven’t heard much about it.

Until now.


James Franco Starring in Hulu's Adaptation of Stephen King's 11/22/63

BTK Serial Killer's Daughter: Stephen King Is 'Exploiting My Father's 10 Victims'

The daughter of the notorious BTK serial killer has a bone to pick with author Stephen King and his upcoming movie A Good Marriage, adapted from one of his short stories that he admitted was inspired by her murderous father.

Little Boy from The Shining Now Living a Life So Normal, It's Scary

Dan Lloyd can walk down the street in his Kentucky town these days, and no one says boo.

“I lead a pretty normal life now,” Lloyd tells New York’s Daily News. “People don’t recognize me when I go out in public.”

That’s a big change from 1980, when Lloyd’s adorably terrified face became known to millions after he played Danny Torrance, the son of Jack Nicholson, in director Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.

Michael Clarke Duncan's Funeral: Jay Leno, Tom Hanks Speak

Michael Clarke Duncan, the Oscar-nominated star of The Green Mile, was most commonly described as having a “big heart” during his memorial service at Forest Lawn in Los Angeles on Monday.

Bones and The Finder creator Hart Hanson spoke of fans asking for hugs, not autographs, from the 6-ft., 5-in., 300-lb. actor.

But Jay Leno was one of the first to get choked up while speaking of Duncan.

Stephen King Series on Its Deathbed

Struggling network ABC has all but pulled the plug on the highly touted miniseries “Stephen King’s Kingdom Hospital,” Reuters reports.

After just four weeks, the network is moving the hour-long show to a 9 p.m. Thursday night slot opposite CBS’s “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” and “The Apprentice” on NBC – one of the hottest hours in network television. The move is almost certain to kill the struggling series.

Stephen King Plans to Retire

It’s curtains for Stephen King’s career as a writer, he’s insisting. The prolific horror master, 54, whose “Rose Red” mini-series was a Sunday night success for ABC, told the Los Angeles Times that he is retiring from writing – just as soon as he finishes five more books, two of which already are scheduled for 2002, as well as work on another limited series for ABC. “Then that’s it,” he told the Times. “I’m done.

Stephen King's Real Horror Story

Stephen King was alert and cracking jokes Sunday morning after undergoing surgery for injuries sustained when he was hit by a car while walking near his home Saturday. The horror novelist underwent several hours of surgery after he was struck by a Dodge Caravan Saturday afternoon, according to a Central Maine Medical Center hospital spokesman. NBC News reported that King will undergo further surgery this week.

Intensive Care for Stephen King

Stephen King was in a Maine hospital’s intensive care unit early Tuesday after emerging from seven hours of surgery. A hospital spokesman said the operation went well and that King remained in serious but stable condition. Doctors estimated the 51-year-old master of horror would remain in the hospital for two to three more weeks and need at least nine months of physical therapy to fully recover from his injuries.

Signing Up for Stephen King

Massachusetts Gov. Paul Cellucci and Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino teamed up to send their best wishes to fellow Red Sox fan Stephen King, who is recovering from injuries he suffered after being struck by a van last month. So fierce is King’s loyalty to the Sox that in his latest scary story, “The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon,” he makes reference to the team’s ace relief pitcher. “We all love Tom Gordon,” Menino wrote on a giant get-well card, which will remain in the Boston Public Library for a few weeks in order that members of the public might sign it, too.