Jackass Star Steve-O Arrested for Climbing Crane in Protest Against SeaWorld

Steve-O was arrested at a Hollywood construction site on Sunday night after he climbed a 100-ft. crane to protest SeaWorld.

The Jackass star, whose real name is Stephen Glover, live-streamed video of the entire stunt on Facebook, later posting: “Anyone wanna bail me out of jail?”

Anthony Kiedis, Ozzy Osbourne, Steve-O Get Silly in Serious Fight for Asian Bears

Anthony Kiedis wears bear ears. Moby strums a mournful bear song. Duff McKagan wonders if his bear mask would be a hot new look.

Steve-O Recalls Being a 'Cocaine-Addicted Clown'

Steve-O Back In 'Looney Bin'

Jackass star Steve-O has checked himself back into a mental institution after living sober for 115 days, he says.

The former MTV star (born Stephen Glover), 33, writes on his blog that after watching himself on Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Addiction Special he wants “to explain a little bit of what I’ve been going through since I got clean, to help some of you understand how much damage drugs and alcohol have really done to me.

Steve-O Pleads Guilty to Cocaine Charge

Jackass star Steve-O pleaded guilty Tuesday to cocaine possession, but avoided a jail sentence as long as he completes a drug rehab program.

The MTV prankster, whose real name is Stephen Glover, 33, was arrested in March on suspicion of vandalism and drug possession at his Hollywood apartment. He even filmed himself smashing the wall of an adjacent apartment.

Steve-O Pleads Not Guilty to Felony Drug Charges

Rehabbing Jackass star Steve-O (real name: Stephen Glover) has pleaded not guilty to a charge of felony cocaine possession after a March 3 drug bust, E! Online reports.

A May 13 date has been set for a preliminary hearing, during which the court will determine if there’s enough evidence to begin a trial.

Steve-O: I Truly Pray to Stay Sober

Jackass star Steve-O, who has been hospitalized in the psychiatric ward at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center since mid-March, says he has a new outlook since undergoing treatment.

“I’m doing really well, overwhelmed with excitement regarding the future,” the London-born daredevil performer (who’s dealing with reckless-behavior issues, including the abuse of alcohol and drugs) tells PEOPLE. “My urge to stay sober, today, is way stronger than my urge to get f—– up. I truly pray to keep it that way.”

Steve-O Forfeits $10,000 Bail After Missing Court Date

Despite forfeiting $10,000 bail after missing his March 26 court date, troubled prankster Steve-O is “doing great,” his lawyer Barry Sands says.

“He’s been in the hospital for two weeks,” Sands told E! News. “He voluntarily checked himself in. But he will be at the next court hearing.”

Steve-O 'Powerless Over Alcoholism'

Steve-O, who is currently hospitalized, is opening up on his MySpace blog about his mother’s alcoholism and his own early experience with alcohol – including claims that his parents gave it to him as a child.

The Jackass star writes “I know I was always powerless over alcoholism, because it had such a grip on Mom’s adulthood and my childhood, and I never chose to fight it.”

Steve-O: I'm on a Spiritual Mission

Jackass star Steve-O is using his time in a psychiatric hospital to ponder the meaning of life.

“I have been on a spiritual mission and, gradually, have come to realize that I have a deeper agenda in this life than to make people giggle at my random acts of silliness, such as breaking bones and shoving things up my butt,” writes MTV’s prankster on his MySpace Celebrity blog.