Susan Boyle Has Her First Boyfriend at Age 53

At the age of 53, Susan Boyle finally has her first boyfriend.

“I don’t want to say any more about who he is right now as that would be unfair on him,” Boyle said in a sit-down with The Sun, an interview that was reported in the Daily Mail. “All I’ll say is we are around the same age and he was a very nice guy.”

Susan Boyle Confesses Asperger's Syndrome Makes Her Feel Like 'King Kong's Mother'

On stage she feels “safe,” but it’s life out of the spotlight that’s difficult for Susan Boyle.

Boyle’s been described as eccentric all her life, but last year she was finally able to put a more precise label on the reasons for her volatile behavior: Asperger’s. The singer was diagnosed with a mild form of autism in December 2013, but her mood swings – including unpredictable tantrums preceded by a “hooded look” like clouds descending over her face – are still very much a work in progress.

Susan Boyle Applies for a Job with Online Betting Company

What are the odds?

Susan Boyle has inquired about a part-time job at bookmaker, Ladbrokes, PEOPLE confirms.

Boyle, 52, walked into her local Ladbrokes storefront in her hometown of Blackburn, Scotland, last week after she spotted a poster in the window seeking a cashier.

Susan Boyle's Asperger's Diagnosis Brings Out the Best in Fans

A gifted singer’s lifelong struggle with a mystery setback is at long last properly diagnosed, and readers respond with love and support.

Conversely, a new-generation star doesn’t quite measure up to the late screen legend she so loves to emulate.

Here are the five stories that sparked the strongest reactions from readers this week, from happy, sad, laugh out loud, and angry – to wow.

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Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Attend Her Brother's Wedding, Susan Boyle Reveals Asperger's Diagnosis

Susan Boyle Diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome

Susan Boyle says she has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism – and feels relief at finally having the right label for her condition.

Boyle told the Observer newspaper that she saw a specialist a year ago, who told her she had Asperger’s and an above-average IQ.

Boyle, 52, had learning difficulties as a child, which she was told were the result of brain damage from oxygen deprivation at birth. She struggled in school and was bullied by other children.

From Bing to Bieber, Listen to the 10 Strangest Holiday Duets of All Time

As any Hallmark card can tell you, the holidays are about bringing people together. For some of us, that means reuniting with grown-up children, or welcoming long-lost cousins into our homes. But for musicians, it means something else: seasonal duets, often performed with the oddest of partners.

Susan Boyle Cancels DWTS Performance Due to Sore Throat

Susan Boyle, whose second album is due out later this fall, had hoped to showcase one of her new songs on Dancing With the Stars on Tuesday night.

But the singer got sick during her trip from Scotland to Los Angeles and had to cancel her second major TV appearance.

“Her doctor advised her not to sing due to a severe throat infection,” her rep says in a statement to PEOPLE. “Susan is very upset at letting her fans down. Their continued support means so much to her.”

Susan Boyle's Dream Comes True: She Sings for the Pope

Susan Boyle got her wish to sing for the Pope when she helped mark the end of his open air mass in Scotland on Thursday.

The committed Catholic’s rendition of the hymn, Make Me a Channel of Your Peace, was heard across the a park in Glasgow as Pope Benedict XVI was saying his farewells to church leaders following mass.

Around 65,000 people had attended the ceremony in Bellahouston Park where, about three hours earlier, Boyle, 49, was met with waving white and pale yellow Papal flags and enthusiastic applause as she helped herald his visit.

POLL: What Is This Week's Least Shocking Celebrity News?

There are things that make you go “Hmm,” and things that make you go, “Well, duh.” There’s been lots of the latter over the past week. Among the not-so-shocking news making headlines, we’d like you to pick a favorite:

• Ricky Martin reveals he’s gay. Good for Ricky for coming out after all these years, though it wasn’t exactly a huge surprise.