TJ Lavin Weds Longtime Girlfriend in Las Vegas

Talk about a happily ever after!

Two years after a horrific crash that left him in a coma, BMX icon TJ Lavin is a married man.

The host of MTV’s The Challenge wed longtime fiancée Roxanne Siordia, 32, Friday night in Las Vegas. The nuptials at City Hall came eight years to the day that the duo met.

TJ Lavin Faces More Surgery

TJ Lavin is headed back to the operating room to try to repair the wrist he broke following a horrific BMX dirt-bike crash last year.

The wrist surgery, his second since the crash, is minor, but it will help him regain the feeling lost in three fingers.

“I’m at about 40 percent on being able to move my wrist around,” the host of MTV’s The Challenge told PEOPLE Monday. “I’ve been wearing a brace lately to get the movement back and I have to get some carpel tunnel surgery. After that, everything will be sweet.”

TJ Lavin Planning to Race Again – This Time in Trucks

Four months after a horrific bike crash that left him in a coma, BMX star TJ Lavin is ready to go from one extreme to another.

With his dirt biking career finished, the host MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge is getting prepared to race off-road trucks, possibly as early as this year, he revealed to PEOPLE in an exclusive interview.

PHOTO: TJ Lavin's First Days Home Recovering

A brutal BMX accident forced doctors to put him into a medically induced coma, but now TJ Lavin is finally home.

“He’s making a lot of progress,” Lavin’s fianceé Roxanne Siordia tells PEOPLE. “He starts outpatient rehab (Tuesday). Everything is going good. He loves being at home on the couch with his dogs.”

While Siordia says the adjustment hasn’t been too difficult for Lavin, 33, there are still a few things he misses.

TJ Lavin Goes Home from the Hospital

One month after a horrific bike crash put him in a Las Vegas trauma unit and a medically induced coma, TJ Lavin has gone home from the hospital.

Lavin, 33, has “crawled out of a deep hole,” his mother, Barbara “Bobbi” Lavin, told Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Norm Clarke. “He is now walking, talking, eating on his own and is getting his sense of humor back.”

TJ Lavin Is Speaking, Breathing on His Own

TJ Lavin has taken some big steps on the long road to recovery.

The BMX rider and MTV host is now able to breathe and be fed without tubes, which were removed Thursday. And now he has started mumbling words to his family.

“He’s answering questions,” friend and business partner Chas Aday tells PEOPLE. “He’ll say ‘yes’ a little bit and he knows where he is, but he’s not opening his eyes yet.”

TJ Lavin's Mom: His Injury Is 'Killing Me'

It’s one of the worst things any mother could face – seeing her son in critical condition. But as TJ Lavin gets better, Barbara Lavin gets better, too.

“I’m good,” she told PEOPLE on Tuesday, five days after her son was put in a medically induced coma after crashing his BMX bike in Las Vegas. “Last night, not so much, but we talked to the doctor, and he made me feel so much better.”

TJ Lavin Battles Pneumonia, But Docs Deliver Good News

TJ Lavin is waging a war against pneumonia, likely because of the breathing tube that is assisting the injured BMX rider in his medically induced coma. But his family has received good news from doctors – his brain appears to be fine after his horrific crash last week.

“Everything is good there,” Lavin’s friend and business manager Chas Aday told PEOPLE on Tuesday. “Doctors are not expecting any [brain damage], but we’re just not going to know until he wakes up if there is any loss or how bad it is going to be.”

TJ Lavin Will Recover with Help of 'Good Karma,' Pal Says

If anyone has the strength to pull through a coma, it’s MTV host TJ Lavin, says his close pal Sal Masekela.

“He has the most amazing spirit and will to live,” the former E! host told PEOPLE at the Ryan Sheckler Celebrity Skins Classic at Trump National Golf Course in Los Angeles. “He is someone who has banked up an immense amount of good karma over the course of his life.”

Masekela says Lavin’s mom, who has been “by his side constantly,” also feels “absolutely positive knowing that [Lavin] is going to be okay.”

TJ Lavin Will Pull Out Of This, Says BMX Star

It was supposed to be TJ Lavin’s swan song, his final ride as a professional BMX rider. But the ride during the Dew Tour that landed the MTV host in a hospital Thursday with a medically-induced coma was also one he didn’t want to do, several friends told PEOPLE.