Scandal's Tony Goldwyn Is Up Bright and Early to Direct an Episode for Season 5

Good morning, Mr. President.

Scandal’s Tony Goldwyn, who plays President Fitzgerald Grant on the ABC hit political drama, took to Instagram on Tuesday morning to share a sleepy video with fans.

“Okay, first day directing 502,” said Goldwyn in the video, lying in bed in a dark room. “Got to get up.”

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Scandal Finale Recap: Olivia Battles Papa Pope – and Finally Chooses Her Man

The finale of Scandal gave us a happy ending – and a cliffhanger that will have us spending our summer wondering if a fan-favorite character lives or dies.

The Gladiators took down B613, if not in the way they’d originally intended. Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) finally picked her man. And Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) won her election but lost her husband.

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The writers of Scandal haven’t been afraid to get political this season, and Thursday night was no exception.

Scandal Recap: Jake Ballard Is Alive – But Is He Back with Olivia Pope?

Shondaland lost its original leading man Thursday night when Dr. Derek Shepherd was killed off Grey’s Anatomy moments after doing what he did best: saving lives.

And yes, we shed our share of tears during that “Chasing Cars” montage.

Scandal Recap: Olivia Pope's Ex May Have Just Been Murdered

Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) could really use some girl time.

It seems like all of Scandal’s leading lady’s problems trace back to the men in her life, from her diabolical father to her ex-lovers. But who would have thought she was sleeping with the enemy during her fling with the rando she picked up at a bar?

Scandal Recap: Olivia Saves a Man from Death Row, Jake Goes Insane

#TBT to that time Jake (Scott Foley) killed people … a lot of people.

That was the gist of Thursday night’s episode of Scandal, a stark reminder that, as sweetly as the one-time command treats Olivia (Kerry Washington), he’s still a trained assassin.

Scandal Recap: Olivia Pope Pushes Cyrus Beene Down the Aisle

It’s his wedding, and he’ll throw his groom to the wolves if he wants to.

Thursday night’s episode of Scandal focused on Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry) the show’s most Machiavellian character – and in this political drama, that’s saying a lot.