Real Genius 30 Years Later: 9 Things You Didn't Know

On Aug. 7, 1985, the Val Kilmer comedy Real Genius hit theaters and defied the tropes of lowbrow teen comedies to deliver a movie with both brains and heart.

Val Kilmer Released From the Hospital After Receiving Treatment For a Possible Tumor

Val Kilmer revealed that he was released from the hospital last Friday after going in for treatment for a possible tumor.

Kilmer, 55, was rushed to the UCLA Medical Center in LA on Jan. 26 after police responded to a 911 call at Kilmer’s address. The Top Gun actor’s spokesperson later confirmed that he was undergoing tests for a possible tumor.

Val Kilmer Rushed to the Hospital and Undergoing Tests for Throat Tumor

A spokesperson for Val Kilmer, who was rushed to the hospital Monday night, has released a statement regarding the actor’s condition.

“Film actor Val Kilmer is currently undergoing tests at a Los Angeles Hospital for a possible tumor. The 55-year-old Kilmer is being cared for by his two children, Mercedes, 23, and son Jack, who is 19, both L.A. residents,” said the rep, Liz Rosenberg.

Top Gun 2 Moves Closer to Reality – But Who'll Be in It?

Feeling the need? The need for speed? Soon, you may get it.

Top Gun 2 moved a little closer to takeoff this week, as Paramount and Skydance have found a writer for the long-awaited sequel to the 1986 classic starring Tom Cruise.

A Breaking Bad Sequel Starring Val Kilmer and Other Kickstarter Campaigns You Could Donate To ... Or Not

Is this the summer of Kickstarter? We’ve seen no shortage of drives for off-the-wall causes, foremost among them that infamous Kickstarter for potato salad that has so far received more than $50,000 in pledges. But potato salad hasn’t cornered the market on weird ideas. Here are five that caught our eyes.

Christian Bale Weighs In on Batkid – and So Does Ben Affleck

Val Kilmer Considering New Mexico Governor Run?

He is voice of the car Kitt in the new Knight Rider series, but could Val Kilmer’s next role be the voice of New Mexico?

Former presidential candidate and current New Mexico governor Bill Richardson has been fueling speculation that the Batman Forever star may replace him as governor of the 47th state in 2010.

“I like the idea,” Richardson told reporters on Thursday. “Val Kilmer is a New Mexican, he was Batman. You know there have been successful actors going into politics.”

Val Kilmer Joins the Actor-Turned-Rocker Club

Val Kilmer: I Have a Crush on Cate Blanchett

Val Kilmer is well into middle age by now, but the 46-year-old actor is not shy about revealing his schoolboy-type crushes.

Asked by Elle magazine to reveal the one woman he’d most like to have on his speed dial, Kilmer named Cate Blanchett, the Australian actress with whom he worked on the 2003 film The Missing.

“I not only forgot my dialogue in the scene, I forgot that I was acting, I forgot I was on a movie set, and I just stood there staring at her,” Kilmer says in the magazine’s December issue.

Martha Stewart Preps 'How-To' DVD Series

PREPARED: By the end of the year – just in time for Christmas – Martha Stewart and Warner Home Video will have ready a DVD collection containing “how-to” advice that is Stewart’s strong suit, says the Hollywood Reporter. Among the subjects will be cooking, crafts, party planning and other staples of homemaking as culled from 1,500 hours of programming on such shows as Martha Stewart Living, Petkeeping With Marc Morrone and Everyday Food. The DVD launch is the latest high-profile project to involve the domestic diva, 63, since her prison release.