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Jeff Lewis Hears Kris Jenner Is Very 'Devil Wears Prada' as a Boss – But Is Nonetheless Impressed

They don’t call her “Kween” for nothing!

Kris Jenner has managed the Kardashian/Jenner empire for years, and according to Jeff Lewis, who works with her ex-assistant, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Brittany Snow, Pete Wentz and More Speak Out in New Campaign to Make the Internet a More Positive Space

Even stars like Brittany Snow aren’t immune to the bullying and self-image struggles that plague countless young people on the Internet.

Why Melissa Rivers Is Suing over Joan's Death: 'I Need Answers'

In January, Melissa Rivers filed a lawsuit against the New York City clinic where her mother Joan stopped breathing during a routine throat procedure last October.

Taraji P. Henson on Dating: 'Men Don't Court Anymore'

Sherri Shepherd on Surrogate Drama: 'It's Very Painful'

While Sherri Shepherd has kept mostly mum on the legal battle with ex-husband Lamar Sally over newborn baby L.J., born via surrogate on Aug. 5, the former View co-host is speaking out to pal Wendy Williams.

During an appearance on William’s daytime talk show on Wednesday, Shepherd wouldn’t elaborate on the details of the drama, but did confirm she’s still at odds with her ex.

Wendy Williams Eats Actual Crow After Losing Kim and Kanye Marriage Bet (VIDEO)

Ever since Kim Kardashian and Kanye West tied the knot on May 24, Wendy Williams has been telling the world that the union wouldn’t last more than 72 days (the length of Kardashian’s previous marriage to Kris Humphries).

Wendy Williams Talks Her Hard Road to Happiness

Wendy Williams is not one to mince words.

Asked how she feels about turning 50 and becoming a card-carrying member of the AARP this year, the daytime talk host makes it plain: “I’ve still got all my teeth, and 90 percent of the time nothing hurts when I wake up in the morning,” she says, seated on the couch beside her kitchen table.

“It’s not like the 1930s version of 50. I’ve got a whole other chapter of life to go.”

And like most modern women of a certain age, she’s not interested in slowing down.

Wendy Williams: 'My Life Before 21 Sucked'

These days, Wendy Williams has it made.

The popular talk show host, who just turned 50 on July 18, has the career of her dreams and a loving family at home. She’s also got her self-confidence.

Sherri Shepherd Defends Being a Working Mom

The View’s discussion of working moms on Monday’s show hit close to home for co-host Sherri Shepherd.

“Why do you have to go to work, why do you have to and you are trying to explain to them mommy is trying to pay the bills,” Shepherd said during a discussion about being a working parent. “Mommy’s trying to take care of you.”