We Volunteer as Tribute for This Bad Lip Reading of Hunger Games (VIDEO)

The Cast of The Hunger Games Sang Taylor Swift with Woody Harrelson on SNL

Woody Harrelson stopped by Saturday Night Live this week and – like most things this week – he got Taylor Swift involved.

Why True Detective Deserves to Win an Emmy

WARNING: Contains language, violence

Much of True Detective’s appeal is based on Matthew McConaughey’s riveting performance as (true) Detective Rustin Cohle and the loopy, dark cop-buddy chemistry he summoned with real-life pal Woody Harrelson, to say nothing of Nic Pizzolatto’s dense, allusion-heavy dialogue.

Why Woody Harrelson Deserves the Emmy for True Detective

WARNING: Video contains profanity

Though Woody Harrelson’s Martin Hart spent much of True Detective being a straight man to Matthew McConaughey’s Rustin Cohle and doling out droll reaction lines like, “Stop saying odd s—,” Harrelson wasn’t just comic relief.

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Watch the New Trailer for Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1

Although the third film based on Suzanne Collins’s novels in The Hunger Games franchise won’t be released until Nov. 21, the Capitol is determined to make sure you’re on its side way before then.

After recently revealing their propaganda posters, the Capitol has now released an “official Panem Address” urging its people to remain “together as one.”

Watch the True Detective Theme Song with Cats and More Amazing Fan Art

If you’ve been wondering what the best part of your day will be, stop right now. It’s the True Detective opening sequence below – with cats.

It's Official: True Detective Broke HBOGo

True Detective: Flawed Finale to a Classic Series

If you thought it had something to do with Woody Harrelson’s father-in-law – and this doesn’t constitute a spoiler, because that was too off-base to ever be possible – you were wrong.

In fact, just about every theory that cropped up online speculating about the finale of HBO’s terrific True Detective (and inspiring writers to mention the notorious ending of Lost) was wrong.

Now onto some real spoilers.

'Yellow King Theory': Watch the Web's Funniest True Detective Parodies