Parole Denied for John Lennon's Killer, Mark David Chapman

John Lennon’s killer was denied release from prison in his eighth appearance before a parole board, correction officials said Friday.

The decision on Mark David Chapman by a three-member board came after a hearing Wednesday, the state Department of Corrections said.

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Remembering John Lennon: New App Reveals Rare Photos

In June of 1980, John Lennon took a summer vacation. He sailed from Newport, R.I., aboard a 43-foot sloop with a crew of four to Bermuda, where he rented a house and flew his son Sean, then 4, down to join him.

From Bing to Bieber, Listen to the 10 Strangest Holiday Duets of All Time

As any Hallmark card can tell you, the holidays are about bringing people together. For some of us, that means reuniting with grown-up children, or welcoming long-lost cousins into our homes. But for musicians, it means something else: seasonal duets, often performed with the oddest of partners.

Rufus Wainwright Weds Jorn Weisbrodt

“One day you will come to Montauk … hope you won’t turn around and go,” Rufus Wainwright sings on the piano-driven ballad “Montauk” (from his latest album, Out of the Game) about his favorite seaside town.

On Thursday, friends and family flocked to the rustic beach community at the end of Long Island to see the singer marry his longtime partner Jorn Weisbrodt. And no one left early!

Yoko Ono Advises Heather Mills: 'Try to Survive'

Though Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono have long been said to have a frosty relationship, John Lennon’s widow has some warm words for McCartney’s recent ex, Heather Mills.

“All I can say is, it’s not very easy for a woman to be associated with The Beatles,” Ono, 75, tells Britain’s Sky News. “I think all the wives did suffer, and I think quietly suffer. Suffer but endured, I would actually say.”

Stars Donate Eyeglasses to Holocaust Exhibit

Daniel Radcliffe is among several major names donating their old eyeglasses to an exhibit honoring victims of the Holocaust.

The Harry Potter, 18, isn’t giving away his famous wizard character spectacles – but his first pair of glasses, an oval, metal-framed pair from when he was 6.

Other stars donating glasses to the artwork, which is inspired by a famous WWII picture of a mountain of spectacles confiscated from Holocaust victims and is part of National Holocaust Memorial Day, include Yoko Ono, Stephen Fry, Jerry Springer, Paul O’Grady and Ronnie Corbett.

McCartney Tells Yoko Ono: 'Let It Be'

Paul McCartney, answering to Yoko Ono, released a lengthy statement on Wednesday rejecting suggestions that the widow of his late partner John Lennon might sue him because he reversed the credits on Beatles songs for his latest album, Reuters reports.

McCartney’s new album, “Back In The U.S. Live 2002,” lists 19 classic Beatles songs “by Paul McCartney and John Lennon,” rather than the more traditional “Lennon-McCartney,” which the pair once agreed on early in their careers.

Yoko Ono Inaugurates New Peace Prize

Commemorating what would have been John Lennon’s 62nd birthday, Yoko Ono on Wednesday invoked his song “Give Peace a Chance” to initiate a new peace prize, the Associated Press reports.

Speaking before a crowd of 300 United Nations ambassadors, government officials and artists at U.N. headquarters in New York, Ono, 69, presented $50,000 checks to the obviously symbolic first winners: Palestinian artist Khalil Rabah and Israeli artist Zvi Goldstein.

She also thanked them “for being so creative and inspirational despite the intense political situation we all live in.”

Yoko Settles with Ex-Personal Assistant

In what is being called a victory for Yoko Ono, her court battle against former Lennon family assistant Frederic Seaman ended Friday, when Ono’s attorney told Manhattan U.S. District Judge Leonard Sand that the two parties in the case had reached an agreement, Reuters reports.

The settlement arrived just as the jury was expected to hear closing arguments in the case.