The Girls Cast on Peter Pan, Boyfriends and Whether Taylor Swift Is a Shosh

The four stars of HBO’s Girls finish each other’s sentences, interrupt each other constantly and sometimes make each other cry.

And that’s just in the span of one interview.

Girls: Four Reasons Why Season 4 Might Be the Best Yet

HBO has provided only the first five episodes of season 4 of writer-actress Lena Dunham’s Girls, premiering Sunday at 9 p.m. ET – otherwise known as the time when the Golden Globes are airing on NBC – but so far the show is biting, funny, touching and surprising.

Zosia Mamet Dyes Hair Gray: Are You Loving Her New Hue?

Sneak Peek: Did Hannah Really Leave N.Y.C. for Iowa on Girls?

Zosia Mamet Spills All on Her New Platinum Hue (And More Pressing Style and Beauty Questions)

Zosia Mamet Dyes Hair Platinum Just in Time for Fashion Week

Zosia Mamet: 'I've Struggled with an Eating Disorder Since I Was a Child'

Zosia Mamet says she’s suffered from an eating disorder for most of her life – in secret.

The actress opened up about her battle in her column for the September issue of Glamour.

“This struggle has been mostly a private one, a war nobody knew was raging inside me,” she writes. “I tried to fight it alone for a long time. And I nearly died.”

Girls Returns with Season 3 in 'Excellent Shape,' Says PEOPLE's TV Critic

It’s not clear whether HBO’s Girls will ever achieve the perfection of its first season: You can’t expect lightning to hit the same spot twice, whether in nature or the hipster hothouse of Brooklyn, N.Y. But Lena Dunham’s contemporary comedy of manners – following the lives of four young women in a world of sex, ambition and artisanal coffee – returned Sunday night in excellent shape.

Girls at the Golden Globes: Whose Look Are You Loving the Most?

Jared Leto's Messy Golden Globe Man Bun Gets a Celebrity Makeover

Jared Leto arrived at the Golden Globes rocking a suit and a classic ladies’ hairstyle: the messy bun.

A common post-workout look, the messy bun is rarely found at formal affairs. Obviously, the Dallas Buyers Club actor – who won for best supporting actor – is willing to take risks with his long locks, and the Globes is an ideal place to pick up hairstyling tips from the hottest stars.