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What didn’t happen this weekend: a play date between baby North and newborn Prince George.

In the meantime, here are five things you might have missed:

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Zuma Rossdale Learns How to Surf in Long Beach

Look who’s already making waves this summer!

Gwen Stefani and husband Gavin Rossdale’s youngest son, Zuma, 4½, beats the heat in Long Beach, Calif., where he honed his surfing skills on Saturday.

That’s right – school may be out, but this little one (pictured here with his presumed instructor) is still learning.

Meanwhile, 7-year-old brother Kingston also got in the spirit of the season with mom Stefani, who showed off her bikini-ready abs on land.

Zuma Rossdale Gets a Pre-Birthday Mani-Pedi

Look out Chris Evans – seems Zuma Rossdale is after your Captain America role!

Gwen Stefani’s son turned 3 Sunday, but got his celebratory pampering kicked off on Friday with a trip to a nail salon in Studio City, Calif.

His mani-pedi color choice to complement his superhero costume: very patriotic red and blue.

We think the Captain would approve.

Spotted: Zuma Rossdale Goes to the Petting Zoo!

Who’s cuter: Zuma, or the pony? Impossible to tell!

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s two young sons headed to the L.A. Farmers Market, where almost 3-year-old Zuma got to have a day at the petting zoo.