Prince Harry Going On the Road Again – to Europe & South America

Prince Harry


updated 04/04/2014 AT 7:00 AM ET

originally published 04/04/2014 AT 7:40 AM ET

As Prince William and Kate prepare for their historic three-week tour of New Zealand and Australia, they aren’t the only royals hitting the road.

Prince Harry is, too, his office announced Friday.

In May, Harry, 29, will head to Estonia and Italy, with Brazil and Chile on his itinerary in June. Both visits are on behalf of the U.K. Government and being organized by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, says the Palace.

The reason behind the trip is two-fold: In Estonia, Harry, an Afghan war veteran, will thank the Estonian Defense Forces for their support of British troops in Afghanistan. (Estonia has had a company of soldiers in Afghanistan since 2006, and they have been directly under British command during their deployment.)

He is also expected to meet with wounded Estonian soldiers, including those treated alongside British servicemen and women at a rehabilitation center in the U.K.

In Italy, Prince Harry will attend commemorative events for the Italian campaign in WWII, focusing on 70th anniversary of the Battle of Monte Cassino (also known as the Battle of Rome).

The four battles for Monte Cassino took place between January and May 1944 and saw the Allied Forces – from the U.K., the U.S., Poland, Canada, France, India and New Zealand – in some of the most hostile fighting of the Second World War.


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