Remembering Steve Jobs: How the iPod Changed My Job

Steve Jobs holds up the iPod Nano

Justin Sullivan/Getty

updated 10/06/2011 AT 1:20 PM ET

originally published 10/06/2011 AT 2:20 PM ET

Despite being a music critic – listening to more albums in one year than many people would in an entire lifetime – I’ve always been old-school when it comes to music technology.

I remember being one of the last people I knew who switched from vinyl to CD. Years later, I reluctantly (and almost out of a sense of embarrassment) retired my Discman and bought my first iPod much later than those tech-savvy types. I remember begrudgingly importing my CDs into my computer over one long week, feeling like it would never end and wondering what it was all for.

Then something magical happened: I connected my new iPod and watched in amazement as all my music was transferred over to this tiny thing.


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