Life After Newtown Shooting: Families Share Their Stories

Mark and Jackie Barden with children Natalie, 10, and James, 12

Nigel Parry

updated 04/03/2013 AT 11:00 AM ET

originally published 04/03/2013 AT 5:00 PM ET

They still reach for little hands that are no longer there. They dream of their warm hugs, hoping not to wake up.

For parents of the 20 first-graders from Sandy Hook Elementary School whose lives were cruelly cut short on Dec. 14 their grief knows no bounds.

“We’ve been given an impossible life to live,” says Jessica Rekos’s mother Krista. “I don’t know how to live my life without my little girl.”

At home, many of their siblings keep their memories alive. Daniel Barden’s sister, Natalie, is keeping a journal of stories for her brother. Josephine Gay’s two older sisters look through old videos to listen to her laugh.

And when Noah Pozner’s sister, Sophia, recently put together a Lego spaceship, she announced: “Noah helped me put it together.”

“Maybe the barrier adults see is more fluid for children,” says her mother Veronique Pozner. “I hope that lasts.”


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