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These Specially Trained Dogs Are Helping Disabled Farmers

Down on the farm, these dogs are lending a helping paw.

Thanks to a specially trained group of dogs, farmers with disabilities are able to keep their farms running. On the farms, these dogs held to corral cattle, carry buckets or other tools and open gates. So far, the breeds have been strictly Labrador retrievers, Lab mixes and border collies.

PHARM Dog USA is a nonprofit that matches these dogs with farmers in need. Since 2009, they've matched 10 dogs with working farmers — and there are two more currently being trained. 

Is That A Picnic Basket? Hungry Bear Breaks into Tennessee Woman's Car, Steals Her Lunch

Looks like someone has been watching Yogi Bear reruns. 

On Monday, Cabins For You inspector Kathy Gafford came across a mama and baby bear burglar pair while she was finishing a job at a cabin on Ski View Lane in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The animals snuck into Gafford's car through its open windows while she was working and quickly located her packed lunch.  

Bench Warrant Issued for Woman Who Posted Pic of Burned Cat on Facebook

Good Catch! Dog Falls 14 Stories Into Man's Arms

Vet Who Killed Cat with Arrow May Lose License

Mother-Daughter Team Help Feed Homeless People's Pets, Make a Difference

They are a mother and daughter team with a mission: to help homeless people with pets.

Giant Shark Video Leaves this Newscaster Utterly Speechless



They're big. They have 50 teeth. They're known to attack. And they can silence even the most talkative of humans, simply by appearing on screen. They're sharks. 

See How Chloe the Mini Frenchie Uses Her Instagram Stardom for Good

Chloe the mini Frenchie is full of surprises. 

The most noticeable surprise is the pup's tiny stature. Chloe is half the size of a normal French bulldog, weighing only two pounds when owner Loni Edwards first met her. The 2-year-old cutie also adores playing dress up and munching on watermelon — but the biggest surprise might be Chloe's Internet success

WATCH: A Gorilla and a Toddler Play Together in the Cutest Game of Peek-a-Boo You've Ever Seen


In possibly the most adorable playdate ever, a young gorilla named Kamoli and a 2 1/2 year-old human named Isaiah met each other at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio and immediately began playing an impromptu game of peek-a-book, despite the glass wall that separated them. 

Birds That Fill Me with a Vague But Persistent Dread: The Goose

Welcome to Birds That Fill Me with a Vague But Persistent Dread.

First, an apology. As many of you know, this column is a labor of love. Unsanctioned, fiery, light-speed love. And as such, circumstances beyond my control conspired this week to bring this edition of Birds to the people a day late. For this, I apologize. The parties responsible have been dealt with… arcanely.