The FURminator Terminates Furballs Around the House

The FURminator Terminates Furballs Around the House
Courtesy FURminator

11/05/2008 AT 09:00 AM EST

I've heard of people wearing clothing fashioned from their pet's hair - and now I know how they get all that fur!

The FURminator deShedding Tool (above) does an amazing job of removing a cat or dog's undercoat and loose hair so it doesn't have a chance to blow around your abode. I tried it on my cat and even though he's immediately suspicious when I bust out this stainless steel fork-like contraption, he seems to enjoy the way it feels on his coat.

You'll never believe the amount of hair that this thing collects. To give you an idea: you know the disgusting hairballs that sometime clog up the drain of your bathtub? Well, times that by 10. You'll have enough fur to knit furry sweaters for all of your relatives for Xmas!

The fine-tooth comb grabs fur without having to press too hard, it grabs so much that you have to clean it several times while using it. It definitely works better than either of the two kitty combs I've purchased for my kitty. And I've noticed much less cat hair around my house. If only the FURminator worked on a human head of hair. Sigh.

The FURminator comes in small, medium and large (for horses) and are priced from $34.95 to 69.95.

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