White House Watch! Obama Says No To A "Girly Dog"

White House Watch! Obama Says No To A "Girly Dog"

12/02/2008 AT 08:00 AM EST

Laying out his personal philosophy on an issue near to the heart of many Americans, President-elect Barack Obama told Barbara Walters that he envisions a large breed dog for the White House, not some little lap dog.

"Well...well, we're going to have a big, rambunctious dog," Obama told an obviously disappointed Walters, who was lobbying for the Obamas to try her toy dog breed, the Havanese.

Obama, however, dismissed the suggestion as quickly as if Walters were urging him to try trickle down economics.

"But, but, it's a...it's like a little yappy dog...yeah, it sits in your lap and things," Obama responded. "It sounds kind of like a...girly dog."

First Lady-elect Michelle Obama tried to diplomatically ease the blow to Walters and by extension other small dog adherents, reminding the future president that he lives in a family of girls.

Obama acknowledged that he was getting lots of public input on the puppy he promised his daughters later this spring.

"We're getting more advice about this than my economic policy," Obama said.

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