Alyssa Milano Becomes Godmother to 2-Legged Dog Scooby-Roo

01/16/2010 AT 10:00 AM EST

Two-legged rescue dog Scooby-Roo has become a bona fide cause "celeb." After Michael Jackson's young children took interest in the abandoned mutt, stars Demi Moore, Alyssa Milano and Shannon Elizabeth were inspired to further spread the word about Scooby-Roo. They tweeted his photos and asked their followers to donate to help fund his rehabilitation.

Milano even went as far as to reach out to Fuzzy Rescue, the Los Angeles-based rescue organization responsible for 9-month-old Scooby-Roo's care, and on Jan. 8, the actress and the pooch met privately at Milano's L.A. home.

"I fell in love w/ Scooby Roo. I helped him get wheels. How could I not? He's coming to see me today," Milano wrote on Twitter.

After giving the Fuzzy Rescue team a tour of her home and introducing them to her 10 horses, Milano spent time with Scooby-Roo, who rolled around on his custom-made cart. Fuzzy Rescue CEO Sheila Choi tells that Milano was impressed by Scooby-Roo's joy for life. Amid many happy kisses, Milano was full of compliments for the dog. "She said he had the most perfect nose, the most beautiful eyes, beautiful coloring," Choi says. "We decided she would be his godmother."

For her part, godmom Milano will keep tabs on Scooby-Roo, who is still in the first phase of his rehabilitation. He spends up to three hours each day on the cart, but his forelimbs are still adjusting to the process of moving around on wheels. Once he gets more comfortable on the cart, Scooby-Roo will undergo various other therapies, including massage, hydro-therapy and, thanks to a suggestion from Milano, Fuzzy Rescue will also look into acupuncture for him.

"Scooby-Roo needs lifelong therapy. We are willing to oversee that," Choi says. "If we do come across the best possible home, we will fund the therapy throughout his life."

Choi is still waiting to find the right forever home for her celebrated pooch; Scooby-Roo is currently being fostered by members of the Fuzzy Rescue team, which in addition to caring for Scooby-Roo, recently took in a special needs-dog named Jack. The poodle-mix was dumped by his owners after he had been paralyzed from a car accident. Visit Fuzzy Rescue's Web site to find out how you can help Scooby-Roo, Jack and other special-needs dogs.

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