Tron Dog Is Taking Over Your Mainframe

Tron Dog Is Taking Over Your Mainframe
Courtesy of Stephanie Farah

01/25/2011 AT 07:45 AM EST

A Pomeranian named Sauce has been digitized by lasers and distributed all over the "world wide webs."

Have you seen him? On the Internet, where he is known as Tron Dog, he has starred in a video episode of Tron the series and also been Photoshopped into pictures of Reese Witherspoon and Justin Bieber.

Sauce's dizzying rise all started last year, when the dog's owner, Stephanie Farah, started planning her pooch's annual participation in New York City's Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade. Sauce had entered the competition each year since his birth, first as Hugh Hefner, then as the famous plate of spaghetti and meatballs from The Lady and the Tramp and, most recently, as the monster Carol from the film version of Where the Wild Things Are.

Farah, a 26-year-old grad student, drew inspiration from the upcoming release of Tron: Legacy, the 3-D sequel to the 1982 movie Tron, as well as from Jay Maynard, the self-described TRON Guy.

In August, Farah, her sister and her boyfriend started doing research and procuring materials to construct Sauce's Tron suit and the video game arcade box that would house him during the costume contest.

"They actually sell Lycra bodysuits for dogs on the Internet," Farah tells "Also, they sell dog helmets." So that much was easy enough. The tough part was finding enough of the illuminated wire that they would need to sew onto Sauce's bodysuit. "We were in a mad rush to find the right color EL wire to hook up, and then we had to solder it onto his costume."

It was all second nature to Farah, whose background in film and television production helped her solve each problem that came along with constructing Sauce's Tron Dog costume. To take a line from the 1982 film: "Like the man says, there are no problems, only solutions."

The group eventually won a third-place prize at the Halloween event, and for Sauce, who enjoyed a few hours of fame ("He's crazy for attention all the time," Farah says) and walked away with a basket of prizes, it was a satisfying day. Still, after all that work, Farah and her friends longed to extend the Tron legacy a little longer.

"We wanted to incorporate his costume into a film," Farah says. "So we came up with the idea of Sauce going into a box and entering video games."

The first episode of Tron Dog shows a dressed-up Sauce playing retro video games and soundly defeating them, but there's more to come in future short films, created with the help of Across the Bridge Productions. A Tumblr blog features Tron Dog's other web shenanigans.

"It's definitely gotten more attention than we thought it was going to get. It's opening doors to other projects, too, with Sauce," Farah says. "He's got a good personality and people respond well to him, so he's good for making films."

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