Evermore Dog Food Creators to Eat Their Product For a Month

Evermore Dog Food Creators to Eat Their Product For a Month
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03/01/2011 02:00PM

Alison Wiener and Hanna Mandelbaum just know your dog is going to love their Evermore pet food. And they're pretty sure you'll like it, too. To prove it, they're going to be eating their canine creations as one meal each day starting today, documenting their culinary adventures online for one month.

"We have such an amazing product with such great, human grade ingredients, but we don't have a marketing budget," Mandelbaum tells PEOPLEPets.com. "A lot of people make similar claims for their pet foods, but aren't going to stand behind their products and demonstrate the integrity at that level. We are."

Wiener, a personal chef who trained at the National Gourmet Institute, and Mandelbaum, who used to be her dog walker, joined forces in hopes of bringing more quality options to the dog food market. "We personally source all of our ingredients, and make our food in a USDA/FDA-inspected kitchen," Wiener says.

The ingredients in Evermore's food include antibiotic- and hormone-free proteins like chicken and ground beef hearts and livers, plus chicken breast and eggs and a variety of fruits, veggies and grains like yams, parsnips, kale, apples, organic oats and barley.

Because the food is so protein-heavy, the women are supplementing their daily meals with some of the lighter ingredients like carrots, yams and kale to avoid overloading. "People think we're doing a little wink-wink opt out of eating the food, but the issue is that we can't eat the same amount of protein dogs eat," Wiener says. "It's a colorful array of food." They're working with a nutritionist to be sure their diets stay in balance, as well.

Already, Evermore is gaining lots of publicity for the project, with CNN's Jeanne Moos and Today's Kathie Lee Gifford trying the food on camera (Gifford chose to wash her portion down with red wine). And Wiener, who has a dog named Connor, and Mandelbaum say they're not nervous at all.

"Our food gives dogs great health benefits – shinier coats, weight loss, more energy," Mandelbaum says. "We're seeing it as a great opportunity to get in shape for spring."

Though there is one wrinkle in their plan; as Mandelbaum laments, "March. We had to pick one of the longest months!"

Watch the Evermore team eat their food daily on evermorepetfood.com.

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