Birdie Slopes! Two Parrots Go on a Ski Trip

Skiing Parrots Go to the Alps
Geoffrey Robinson/REX

06/01/2011 AT 03:15 PM EDT

Parrots aren't native to Switzerland, but these two birds are feeling right at home.

That's because home is anywhere their owner, Jane Hartley, takes them.

Whether she's out with the dogs on a walk, or on a ski trip to the Alps, Hartley's two black-headed caique parrots are right with her.

Fiz and Buzz, who don't know what it means to live out their lives in a cage, even sit inside Hartley's pocket as she goes down steep runs on the ski slopes.

"I do get a lot of people stopping and staring, but most seem to find it quite amusing," she said.

The birds – wearing harnesses, of course – even go with Hartley on bike rides!

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