Lean on Me! Dog and Orangutan Are Unlikely BFFs

Dog and Orangutan Are Unlikely BFFs
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06/23/2011 AT 06:15 PM EDT

They may look like an odd couple, but they were made for each other.

Suryia the orangutan and Roscoe the Bluetick hound have been the best of friends since they met four years ago. Roscoe spotted the staff of The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species walking the beach in South Carolina, and followed them all the way home.

It was a fateful decision, because once he got to the wildlife preserve, Roscoe met Suryia, and they have been by each other's sides ever since.

"He followed us through the gate and ran over and found Suryia," says Dr. Bhagavan Antle. "As soon as he saw Roscoe, Suryia ran over to him and they started playing."

Since that day, the pair has amassed such a following that they've recently put out a book, called Suryia and Roscoe: The True Story of an Unlikely Friendship. It's only a matter of time before Hollywood comes calling!

Lean on Me! Dog and Orangutan Are Unlikely BFFs| Cute Pets, Dogs

Splash News Online

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