What a Nose! Aussie Dog Sniffs Out Spoiled Wine

Aussie Dog Sniffs Out Spoiled Wine
Jay Town/REX

07/12/2011 AT 07:45 AM EDT

How's the bouquet?

Australian winemakers Michelle Edwards and Daniel Fischl knew exactly what their business needed: an olfactory expert who, with a quick whiff, could detect tainted wine or faulty corks before it spoiled their boutique brew.

The answer was right under the couple's noses – and feet! Their red Bloodhound, Miss Louisa Belle, was a destructive pooch in a desperate need of a job.

The 7-year-old canine with a keen sense of smell has been saving her owners a fortune by sniffing out tainted batches of their Linnaea wine, even through the bottle.

"Most wineries rely on the human nose," said Fischl, "but that is time-consuming, costly and nowhere near as reliable as Belle, whose nose is 2000 times more sensitive than ours."

Mischievous Miss Louisa Belle isn't mixing business with pleasure, however. The dog doesn't drink the wine, she prefers to sip water instead.

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