Dalmatian Gives Birth to 16 Puppies

Dalmatian Gives Birth to 16 Puppies
Elvins Family/Getty

07/14/2011 AT 05:00 PM EDT

Octuplets? Pfft! – that's for amateurs! Milly the dalmatian had twice as many babies when she gave birth to a litter of 16 puppies in May.

That number may be rare, but rarer still is the fact that Milly herself was born in a litter of 16 six years ago.

The puppies were delivered via C-section in Shropshire, England. "During the cesarian the vet pulled out eight puppies and gave a sigh, so we thought that was it – but there were still eight more to go," says owner Lisa Elvins. "The vets were amazed."

Not all of the puppies will stay with Milly. The Elvins family will keep one of the dogs and find homes for the 15 others.

Dalmatian Gives Birth to 16 Puppies| Baby Animals, Dogs

Elvins Family / Getty

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