David Duchovny Wants to End Dog Overpopulation

07/15/2011 AT 02:00 PM EDT

What if a pill could solve the problem of dog overpopulation?

As a longtime dog lover, David Duchovny was excited to lend his support when a friend told him about 600Million.org, an organization working to develop a product that would safely spay and neuter stray dogs.

"It just sounded like an amazing prospect," he tells PEOPLE. "A onetime pill that can solve this horrendous problem that's not only a drain on resources, but a situation of great cruelty for the animals themselves."

Founded by Alex Pacheco, one of the co-creators of PETA, 600Million.org gets its name from the reported 600 million stray dogs found in the world at any given time.

"I had no idea statistically what the truth was," Duchovny says. "When you put a number on it, you can just imagine the pain and the suffering of these animals as they multiply, And not only that, but the coincidental pain of humans who are fighting for resources."

The pill is still being developed, and 600Million.org is working on getting more financing for the project. "It's actually going to make a very big difference in the world," Duchovny says, "which is rare that you can be involved in something like that."

The actor himself is the owner of a rescue dog named Black, who was previously joined by her animal sibling Blue, until Blue passed away almost two years ago.

"I think you get that one special dog in a lifetime, and Blue was that one," Duchovny says of his pet of 17 years. "They were Black and Blue, and now she's just Black, which doesn't really make much sense."

Welcomed into the family when Duchovny was away at work, Black really belongs to the actor’s 12-year-old daughter Madelaine.

"She just will go wherever my daughter goes," he says. "We call her a teacup rottweiler. She's an odd-looking animal. She's black with two-inch legs and a thick rottweiler-type body. She looks like a cartoon. [She] and my daughter have a special connection."

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