Olivia Wilde: My Dog Gets More Swag Than I Do

Olivia Wilde and Paco

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updated 08/03/2011 AT 10:00 AM ET

originally published 08/03/2011 AT 9:45 AM ET

Olivia Wilde recently stepped out of her comfort zone and revealed a very private detail about who gets to share her bed, admitting that her only boyfriend these days was her dog, Paco.

“Is it sad, that my dog is essentially the man in my life?” she told PEOPLE at the Los Angeles premiere of The Change-Up on Monday. “He’s a great dog, but it’s funny because ever since I mentioned that he was my boyfriend, he gets way more swag than I ever have. I mean, truckloads arrive at the house for him. When he hears a car pull up, he just waits, like he knows it’s for him!”