Meerkat Born 'Out of Wedlock' Gets Rejected by Family

Meerkat Born 'Out of Wedlock' Gets Rejected by Family
Richard Austin/REX Features

08/11/2011 AT 04:00 PM EDT

Who's a little teacup?

It's hard to believe that this adorable baby meerkat could be anything but loved, but he was abandoned by his family because he was born "out of wedlock."

Alexander was born to a female in a group of 11 meerkats, but she was actually a subordinate member and had mated with a sibling. Typically, only the leading alpha pair gets to mate, and the babies born in other pairings get rejected.

Tiny Alexander has been getting some help from the staff at England's Exmoor Zoo, where he gets fed half a milliliter of milk every two hours. Eventually, he will be big and strong enough to eat scrambled eggs and porridge.

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