Skydiving Pug Is the New George H. W. Bush

Skydiving Pug Is the New George H. W. Bush
Autumn Cruz/Sacramento Bee/ZUMA

08/17/2011 AT 05:00 PM EDT

Looks like George H. W. Bush has some competition!

The former president of the United States has famously jumped out of planes to mark his birthdays, including his 85th in 2009. Perhaps taking a cue from our 41st leader, a 10-year-old pug named Otis has been making tandem skydives into his senior years as well. His latest, over Acampo, Calif., on Monday marked his 64th jump!

Otis doesn't skydive alone but in tandem with his owner, accomplished jumper Will DaSilva. According to the Sacramento Bee, DaSilva says that Otis would express discomfort if he didn't enjoy the process.

"Consistent with most pugs, Otis is pretty lazy," says DaSilva's fiancée, Alyssa Fitzpatrick. "But if he can do the sport, most anyone can."

Skydiving Pug Is the New George H. W. Bush| Dogs, Talented Pets

Sacramento Bee / ZUMA

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