Aww! Injured Baby Possum Wears Teeny-Tiny Splint

Injured Baby Possum Wears Teeny-Tiny Splint

09/02/2011 AT 02:05 PM EDT

Get well soon, Swiss!

The young possum, along with her sister Miss, was discovered in her dead mother's pouch and taken to Sydney's Taronga Zoo, where zookeeper Bobby-Jo Clow noticed that Swiss had a swollen arm.

This extra-small, 2-oz. ringtail possum had a fracture in her wrist and was given a 2-cm.-long splint to help the bone stay in place and heal.

Now, with the help of her surrogate mom, Swiss is on her way to better health. Says Clow, "I am just happy that someone took the time to check the mother's pouch and bring them to the zoo."

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