Bo Obama Crashes an Interview with the President!

09/02/2011 AT 05:00 PM EDT

An interview with the President of the United States is serious business, and Scholastic News kid reporters Jacob Schroeder and Topanga Sena kept things very professional for their interview with President Barack Obama.

The two members of the Scholastic Kids Press Corps asked their subject tough questions about the country's challenges and the importance of a good education, and they kept straight faces throughout the interview. But the President had other ideas.

"Listen, before you guys go, I think we've got a special guest here that we wanted to bring in," he said. "It's Bo! C'mere, Bo! Say hi to my friends. You guys want to pet him? He's very soft.""

Schroeder and Sena looked genuinely surprised and let out a few giggles and awwws. The President then asked Bo to sit and lie down, and, of course, the First Dog obliged.

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