The Water Bowl: Baby Elephant Gets a Prosthetic Foot!

09/16/2011 AT 11:40 AM EDT

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Meet Chhouk, a baby elephant in Cambodia, who was found without one of his feet. He was given a prosthesis and "it's changed his life radically." –

Two brothers in Canada independently adopted abandoned raccoons as pets. A week went by before they realized they'd both taken in raccoons, which are illegal to keep as pets. –CBC News

Bird lovers are trying to help save birds' lives – by making glass buildings less deadly. An estimated billion birds fly into glass buildings every year, and there are calls to make new building designs friendlier to birds. –New York Times

A man who attempted to smuggle seven pythons and three tortoises out of the Miami airport in his pants has been fined $400. The animals, which were then just weeks old, and the man will pay the fine to the Miami Science Museum. –Reuters

A 5-year-old British schoolgirl went on a trip to Cotswold Water Park and dug out a 160-year-old fossil of a mollusk that lived in the ocean during the Jurassic period. –Daily Mail

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