Puppy Headed for Death Gets a Second Chance at Life

Dolly's Foundation

09/26/2011 AT 3:50 PM ET

She began her life in a garbage bag, sentenced to death because she was deformed. Luckily, someone wanted her to live.

Harper, a pit bull, was born with swimmer puppy syndrome, a rare disorder that causes dogs to lie on their chests with their legs splayed out, unable to walk. She was tossed into a plastic trash bag and left there while her owner tried to sell other puppies on a Sanford, Fla., street corner for $50 each.

A concerned passerby noticed movement and sound coming from the bag and took it from the man on the sidewalk. Once she saw the 9-week-old puppy’s condition, however, she realized she needed help and took the dog to a nearby shelter. The shelter then called Erica Daniel of Dolly’s Foundation, which rescues and rehabilitates pit bulls, especially difficult cases.